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The Pet Shop by Yellow Brick Home

Our Story


Note: In 2017, we closed up The Pet Shop to new orders in order to make room for growth in other areas. Over the years, you’ve shared your VIP family members with us, offering stories of rescue, love, goofiness and loss. We have cried with you, smiled at countless floppy ears and speckled noses and laughed out loud at some of the best underbites we’ve ever seen. And because of your support, we have been able to donate close to $10,000 of our sales to nonprofit animal rescue groups! Although custom commission work is currently unavailable, Pet Prints of already commissioned work will always remain available! 

Hey, there! We're Kim and Scott. The Pet Shop is where you'll find mini, modern custom pet portraits, hand painted just for you in our Chicago home studio. We're a shop on a mission; a portion of every sale goes toward supporting animal rescue nonprofits. Thank you for helping us help them.

In 2008, after gifting Scott a handmade mini portrait for his birthday, I was thrilled (albeit, shocked) when I began receiving word of mouth orders. From friends' cats to my childhood dog, I painted countless teeny paws and wet noses. Simply put, you all have big mouths, and we love you for that. It's still humbling to know that a handful of requests quickly escalated to hundreds (upon hundreds!) in a handful of short years. Since opening The Pet Shop, I've painted over 1,000 portraits, and that number grows every day. We thank you more than you'll ever know.

In September of 2010, we officially opened the virtual Pet Shop doors, a tiny division of our DIY lifestyle blog, Yellow Brick Home. There, you'll find us giddy over power tools (him), cupcakes (me), flea markets and spray paint (both!) - and over sharing snaps of our fuzzy, slobbery four-legged kids. Our two worlds, well, they've certainly collided.

Speaking of those furry kiddos - Libby, Jack and CC - those guys picked us. Each one lived a former life in a shelter, and they all have a story to tell. (Oh, wouldn't we love to know?) They've easily taken over our hearts, and now, we're reaching out for them. For every sale in The Pet Shop, a portion of our net proceeds are happily given back to our loyal companions by way of nonprofit animal rescues. See who we're currently working with on our partners page.

What began as the offbeat gift giving solution for the animal lovers in our lives has evolved into creating one-of-a-kind portraits for all while treating our wet nosed buddies along the way. We want to meet your pets, because we totally get it. Our goal is easy: we want to bring you joy, and we want you to have personal, cheerful art into your home to do just that.